My Services

Here is how I will help your business.


Blog Post

The humble blog post, bread and butter of every content strategy. Good read for the audience, keyword coverage for the big G.

Pillar Posts

A cornerstone piece that converts cold traffic to warm leads, and warm leads right into buyers.

Deep Dive

This content is aimed at experienced professionals. Detailed analysis, new angles, trend spotting. You get their attention, and then their business.

How-To's & Tutorials

"How To" is one of the most searched term. Things that seem obvious to you, may be completely new to your potential customers. Help them understand your product!

Case Studies

Best way to learn is from experience of others. A good case study will be re-read, shared, bookmarked and linked to!


You are not in a "blue ocean"! Roundups help visitors compare between various tools, show how yours compares and how it is better!

Content Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Deep research of your competitors content, strategy and main keywords that they focus on. There are gaps in their content that we can fill, and posts that we can do better!

Content Audit

I will analyze your content, identify issues or/and set a strategy to move forward in a more efficient manner.

Keyword Research

We need to identify buyer intent keywords that will drive sales and informative keywords that will get your product "out there". Difficulty and volumes will indicate what we will do next.

Content Roadmap

Researched keywords needs to be sorted, filtered and most importantly - prioritized. Content calendar will pave a clear patch of keywords to cover first.

Lead Generation

I generate 700+ fresh leads per month, of online businesses that are looking to expand. They need your services and I can reach out to them on your behalf.

Scaling & Execution

Sometimes everything is ready, but you need scale to achieve it. You need to optimize workflow, automate processes, increase you content output - I can do that for you.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

SEO Consulting & Strategy

Looking to get organic traffic but dont know how? Let's talk and find the best route for your company.

SEO Analysis

You had some SEO done, or tried it inhouse but you seem to be stuck? Let's have a look and find that bottleneck.

Outreach & Link-building

Outreach Strategy

We will discuss what is the best angle to build links to your website and set the strategy to get them.


I will identify the high authority sites in your niche. Reach out to them and negotiate link placements.

Guest Posting

This will build your EAT, overal site authority and can get you very valuable links. I pitch topics that are approved, and prepare posts that are published!

My content marketing clients tend to spend $4,000 - $8,000 per month with me, depending on the project requirements, volumes, and complexity.

Lead generation services are priced between $2,000-$3,000 per month.

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