Every month I find 500-1,000 contacts on decision-makers of various online businesses. Each of these companies is in its growth phase and looking to outsource various services.

A Digital Agency (for which I built links in the past) needed to generate fresh leads to fuel its ambitious business plans for 2022.

Here is how we generate leads for them:

Step 1.

Get an email alias from the Digital Agency. It can be an existing employee or a “pen-name”.

Step 2.

We craft a highly engaging email pitch.

(Just in 2021, I’ve sent over 5,000 cold emails, so our copy and subject lines are well tested.)

Daily outgoing emails were set at 25.

Below is a small snippet from a couple of segmentation campaigns that we launched for this client.

lead generation 1

Please note that “Leads” in this case shows the replies, not final “warm-leads”.

Step 3.

Positive reactions are marked in a table, ready for further discussion with the representative of the Digital Agency.


After 3 months of collaboration:

  • We generated 22 qualified leads (positive responses to a clear proposal);
  • Four of those are already signed by the Digital Agency;
    • Three 6 months contracts;
    • One 12 months contract;
    • $150,000 total value;
  • 18 are in the negotiation phase;

Needless to say that the costs that the Client has spent with us, will return to them tens of times over!


  • Undisclosed

A Digital Agency hired us to generate leads for their business.

Leveraging the robust database of fresh monthly leads that we produce, we managed to land several great deals in the first 3 months of collaboration.